The meeting aimed to promote the establishment of an O2O (online to offline) business platform for sugar reduction. The sugar reduced business platform is to integrate strategies including technology research and development. The cooperation is fully supported and arranged by the working committee of ”Belt and Road”. By introducing the Swedish healthy lifestyle and sugar reduced concept, Bayn is able to export sugar reduction know-how and apply their R&D to new product development without added sugar benefiting consumer products.

”We are glad that our sugar reduced concept is acknowledged by JingDong, which can be an efficient market channel to their more than 260 million active users. We have discussed both on-line and off-line set up”, says Lucy Dahlgren, CEO of Bayn. ”We have mapped out a strategic direction for a sugar reduction market in China, and also for a technology development strategy including cloud platform integration and sugar reduced blockchain. We believe the O2O business platform forms a significant foundation for our business set-up in China and it will become a solid platform for all sugar reduction commitments globally.”

”We have studied and evaluated the Bayn sugar reduced concept since last year. We understand that sugar reduction means food system change, not only technically but economically. We are aware of the need for sugar reduction in China and we are glad that JingDong and Bayn had this first-time meeting to discuss a from evidence to action strategy”, says Yang Zhou, the executive director of the working committee of Belt and Road.


About JingDong Group 

JingDong Group is one of world biggest on-line retailers by transaction volume and revenue. JingDong is a member of the Fortune Global 500.  The e-commerce platform has 266.3 million active users. JingDong business is involved in three major sectors; e-commerce business, finance and logistics. The JD Mall has grown into China’s largest proprietary-type electric business enterprise. They maintain a faster than industry average growth rate.’s vision is to become the most trusted company in the world, through an unrelenting commitment to quality and service excellence.

About Working Committee of the Belt and Road

The working Committee of the Belt and Road was formally established in January 2016 by the China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, which falls underneath the leadership of the National Development and Reform Commission of China. The Bel and Road aims to assist regional economy and small and medium enterprises to integrate into the making of the Belt and Road, based on the principles of achieving shared growth through discussion and collaboration. They mean to create international influence and cross-border collaboration to stimulate development of local industry by strengthening and promoting international culture exchange of SMEs and local organizations.