Bayn and R2 Group Agree on Nordic Partnership for EUREBA® Stevia

PRESSMEDDELANDE – Bayn Europe AB and R2 Group A/S have signed an agreement for a long-term cooperation regarding the supply and distribution of EUREBA® – a natural solution for sugar and calorie reduction – within the Nordic countries. The agreement not only strengthens Bayn’s presence on its home market but also brings synergies within advanced customer driven food solutions through the cooperation between Bayn’s R&D team and the newly established Food Innovation Centre of the R2 Group.

“Bayn and R2 Group share the same commitment in offering the food & beverage market natural and functional solutions for sugar and calorie reduced products, rather than simply Stevia as an ingredient in itself”, says Lucy Dahlgren, MD Bayn. “Through this strong partnership we will be able to create the food solutions for sugar reduced products, based on Stevia, that meet the specific needs of the Nordic market, where R2 Group already holds a strong position.”

In the Food Innovation Centre in Copenhagen Bayn and R2 Group will cooperate in the testing and development of solutions for sugar and calorie reduction in existing and new products. The combination of Bayn’s expertise in Stevia applications and R2 Group’s expertise in food solutions creates a promising base for further realization of the strategy for natural and functional sugar and calorie reduction in the Nordic countries.

“R2 Group has chosen Bayn as Stevia partner for our sugar reduction strategy because of its different approach to the market”, says Steen Nordmark, Chief Commercial Officer at R2 Group. “Bayn’s approach is to offer ready-made EUREBA® blends, developed and perfected together with their customers. This makes the switch to market very fast.
R2 Group has the resources to produce the EUREBA® blends for the Nordic market, which we will do in a close cooperation with Bayn’s R&D team and our aroma specialists and dedicated technical team. Stevia has come to stay, and with the right approach to the market there are great opportunities in this strong partnership.”

For more information please contact
Lucy Dahlgren, MD Bayn Europe AB, ph. +46 73 73 86 752, e-mail
Steen Nordmark, CCO R2 Group A/S, ph. + 45 40 41 54 02, e-mail

About Bayn Europe AB
Bayn Europe AB is a Stockholm based innovative company specialized in natural and healthier sweetening systems based on Stevia.  Bayn’s products are sold on the European market under the brand name EUREBA®. Bayn works intensively with natural bulk ingredients in their Stevia applications to optimize the taste, texture and cost-in-use for the benefit of human health and environment. Bayn focuses on scientific research and works according to stringent ethical and quality programs. For more information see

About R2 Group
R2 Group is a Danish production and distribution company within food ingredients and food solutions. With head office in Jutland, production facilities in Copenhagen, sales office in Sweden and a local sales force in Finland R2 Group is well-established and strong in the Nordic markets. R2 Group is the Nordic production companies’ competent service partner within quality assurance, logistics, market and technical knowledge – and not least within innovation. The company was established in 1884.

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