Bayn Europe, a global specialist in sugar reduction, has entered into a partnership with Xi’an Tianxingjian Natural Bio-products Group (TXJ), one of leading botanical extract manufactures and import and export traders in China. The partnership entails that Xi’an Tianxingjian will work together with Bayn Europe to market and sell EUREBA®918 on the Chinese market through their local marketing channels.

Bayn Europe’s EUREBA® Compound series is designed to fuse flavour and sweetness into a balance that makes formulating sugar reduced and no-added-sugar products simpler. The EUREBA918 series uses high quality stevia extract from Xi’an Tianxingjian. The solution is easy to use, provides a price advantage, and ensures technical functionality when replacing added sugar in processed food.

“We are glad for this cooperation with TXJ as it means that we together can create huge market value by shortening food producer’s product development and risk of uncertainties. Stevia is a natural sweetener without calories, but Stevia is facing market obstacle in terms of the aftertaste and bitterness. We are happy that TXJ evaluated our solution product EUREBA®918 and undersigned the strategic partnership framework. This is another proof that our solution works on the Chinese market. We look forward to working together with TXJ in introducing EUREBA®918 to more Chinese customers”, says Lucy Dahlgren, Managing Director of Bayn Europe.

“We are glad that our stevia extract was included in Bayn’s compound of taste solution for their sugar reduction formulation. We have production advantages to ensure Stevia quality and yield rate, but when it comes to sugar reduction, the market is in need of a taste and health solution rather than a single ingredient. We are happy to combine our high quality ingredients with Bayn’s sensory and sugar reduction expertise”, says Wangting, CEO of Xi’an Tianxingjian.

Reports and studies have shown that China has more than 140 million diabetics and an additional 500 million are expected to go undiagnosed.

“We as business enterprise need to provide appropriate products and solutions for food producers to help them with sugar reduction,” continued Wangting. “As part of our market entry plan for 2017 we plan to start with a first order of 1 ton of the EUREBA®918 series. After evaluation we plan to roll out a long term market plan focused around the solution.”

“The first order of 1 ton of EUREBA®918 is equivalent to 300 tons of sugar. We are glad for this commitment as it means that we can now position our product EUREBA® as a premium brand name in China, which has a huge market potential. We have already received inquires for EUREBA® ice cream from the Chinese market”, says Lucy Dahlgren.

About Bayn Europe
Bayn Europe is a knowledge company helping food producers around the world to meet market demands in building a healthier world. Bayn’s solutions reduce sugar in products, creating new, naturally sweetened low calorie diets. Our natural ingredients, refined through scientific research, are developed into innovative, healthy recipes in close partnership with our customers in the global food and beverage industry.

Bayn Europe’s product offering
Bayn’s offering for food producers consists of Navia™ and EUREBA®. Navia® is a pure stevia ingredient. EUREBA® focuses on taste formulation and sugar reduction in a number of different formulation series designed for different products such as ice cream, confectionary, beverage and bakery.

About Xi’an Tianxingjian
Xi’an Tianxingjian Natural Bio-products Group, founded in April 1993, is one of the leading botanical extract manufactures and import & export traders in China. The company has over 100 employees including more than 50 technicians and developers.

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