Bayn Europe, a global specialist in sugar reduction, received an ingredient solution order from South African food producer Lefka O’life Africa in the spring. The order came through Bayn Europe’s global partnership with Barentz, a leading supplier and distributor of innovative and standard ingredients for the food industry. Lefka O’life Africa has since worked together with Irish food manufacturer Allegro to introduce the ingredient solution in their healthy product range Vitality. The range is currently available in Ireland and will be launched into the UK in 2017.

”Earlier this year Lefka O’Life developed a food range for Irish company Allegro under the brand ‘Vitality – Food for Active Living’. The brief was to produce an oat based cereal that was high in protein, gluten free, high in fibre but most importantly, with no added sugar. The BAYN products have been used extensively in this development and for further product development within the Vitality brand such as sugar free high protein bars, a low sugar pancake mix and more recently a sugar free peanut butter”, said Ian Murgatroyd, Managing Director at Lefka O’Life Africa.

Vitality is a product range from Irish food manufacturer Allegro, offering products including Oats, Pancakes and Bars, which are all high protein free of wheat and gluten, and contain no added sugar. Allegro believes that healthy food makes for happy lives, and offer quick, easy and extremely nutritious meals for those who enjoy an active lifestyle.

”We pride ourselves in our ability to keep up with the global foods trends, not just flavour trends and functional ingredients but also nutritional trends and developments. An area that we have focused on for some time is that of sugar reduction and the production of low sugar and sugar free foods. It is this that has linked us to BAYN as we feel that they are a specialist in this field and offer a wide range of sugar replacements”, said Ian Murgatroyd, Managing Director at Lefka O’Life Africa.

“We are happy to have been able to support Lefka O’Life Africa in their development and launch of Vitality in Ireland and the UK. We are positive towards our cooperation with Barentz, and are happy to now be working together with a food producer and developer in South Africa”, said Lucy Dahlgren, Managing Director at Bayn Europe AB.

About Lefka O’Life Africa (LOA)
Lefka O’Life Africa (LOA) is a food development house and food producer. Their motto is “from concept to completion” and as such they specialise in concept ideas, execution of these ideas via their extensive R&D network and the ongoing production for clients who operate in different markets around the world. LOA has produced a range of food products such as breakfast cereals, high protein bars, peanut butter spreads, instant baking mixes, food supplements and powdered drinks. For more details and business opportunities, contact

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