On Friday 1 June 2018, deferred from 30 May 2018 as previously announced, the new share issue by Bayn Europe AB commences. The new share issue is performed on the basis of the authority conferred by the general meeting held on 20h February 2018 and is a preferential rights issue for existing shareholders, but new investors are also welcome to sign. The new share issue will supply the company with about 6,6 MSEK prior to issuing costs at full subscription.

Bayn Europe AB is going through a process of change which can be seen not only in the change of CEO in April when Patrik Edström took up the position. Businesswise Bayn is also going through a change which means that the company has changed their range of products and marketing channels. The company goes from having been a supplier of raw material, represented by a large international distributor, to focusing on their own specialities and marketing themselves through a number of specialist distributors. This will take place by offering complete solutions in answer to the customers’ individual needs. It means that the company slims down in all but sales and product development. Furthermore, the company has introduced systemised processes and have digitalised the marketing to better control the business and sales. This results in, among other things, a significant increase in activity on social media and an internet-based marketing.

The trend in the food industry moves decidedly towards sugar reduction, and a number of countries in Europe, America and Asia has levied tax on excess use of sugar. The timing is just right to launch the company’s sugar replacers on a broad front. The new issue is performed in order to be able to increase efforts on sales and product development, to meet the market demand on sugar reduced solutions.

Major shareholders, the board of directors and the management have committed to signing close to 2,5 MSEK of the issue, which is equivalent to more than 37% of the share issue.

Terms of the new share issue
– The right to sign will first fall to the company’s shareholders who for each share one (1) existing share retains the right to sign one (one) share. It takes five rights to sign to sign four (4) new shares.
– Subscription price is 0.80 SEK per share.
– The new share issue is comprised of at the most 8,256,677 shares.

Time plan for the new share issue
– Subscription period 30 May – 19 June 2018
– Subscription with preferential rights takes place through payment at the latest 19 June 2018
– Subscription without preferential rights may take place during the same period.
– Trading will take place at Nasdaq Stockholm, First North during the period 1 June – 15th June 2018.
– Trading with BTA will take place from 31 May 2018 until the shares have been registered with Bolagsverket, which is expected to take place in the beginning of July 2018.

A complete memorandum (in Swedish) on the share issue and application forms are available on the company’s website as well as on Aktieinvest’s website


A presentation of the company where Patrik Edström, CEO, presents the company is available (in Swedish) via this link.


For more information about the new share issue, please contact Patrik Edström, CEO, on